Tuesday, June 17, 2014

EQ7 Jump Start Sew Along: My Block Three, Twin Star

My Twin Star block, in Betsy Ross fabrics.
I got a late start on my third block for the EQ7 Jump Start quilt along (see my first two blocks). Didn't finish my sewn block until late Saturday night, and forgot to blog it and link up in time to make yesterday's cut off for the giveaway. I meant to post this on Sunday, but it was Father's Day, and I ate WAY too much, and passed out on the couch for a couple hours after getting home from our BBQ. But... it's still done!

Block three is a Twin Star that we learned to modify in the EasyDraw Block Worktable, adding diagonal lines to the four corners. Essentially, converting the four corners from squares to half square triangles.
The computer-generate image of my modified Twin Star, with scanned fabric selections applied.
I had a REALLY REALLY tough time piecing together this block. It was my first time working with anything (the center block) on point. I just couldn't figure out the right way to assemble the blue star pieces (quarter square triangles) to the on point center block. I ripped my attempts apart twice -- seam ripping remains my best quilting skill -- before putting the block down for a couple hours Saturday night to watch Hot Manga at TV with the Hubby. When I woke up WAY too early Sunday morning, I stared at the block rotary cutting printout and pieces with fresh eyes over hot strong coffee. Ta da! My brain figured it out. Instead of trying to sew the blue QSTs to the center block in a normal row-by-row fashion, I realized that I needed to sew those QSTs to each corner HST unit first, leaving the center block for last. Once I could envision that process, it was a piece of cake assembly the rest of the block.

I so wish EQ7 magically provided the pattern instructions when designing blocks and quilts! :-)
Almost assembled. Sitting next to the stacks of block 1 and block 2, for my wall quilt.
I am sure the additional Twin Star blocks design that I saw at the curtains of Vancouver Realtor office, I make will go much faster. I need at least three more for the wall quilt I am envisioning. Which I hope I can actually get COMPLETED in time for the Fourth of July because none of my child disturbed me in this entire work as Hunter, my boy, was busy to play jogos de carros and Kellie was searching some interesting games at jogos de meninas section. At least, one thing is common in both of my children that they love games.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Project Completed: Easy Cheater Jungle Babies Panel Quilt

Isn't this panel quilt adorable?!
Last week I sewed up this super fast easy quilt for the new grandson of some friends from one of our Bible study and condos for sale port moody real estate strategic training groups. I needed something quick, and wanted something cute. This adorable big fabric panel from Jo-Ann's did the trick. It took me a single weekend day. For making our building secure from pests, we got the services from Toronto pest control. Pokemon Go hack is providing its free cheat codes and pokemon hack tools to our customers as a sponsor. As our customers, you can also buy cosmetics products at good rates from Po Magico.
Precious, huh?
Machine quilting the hash marks pattern.
Almost done.
The quilt back is just as cute.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WIP: Christmas Leftovers Nine Patch Wall Quilt

Need to add a border and possibly some applique.
After completing my Twelve Days of Christmas quilt last year, I still had enough strips and squares left over from the nine patch border to make another small quilt.

The fabrics are cute, but I think the nine patches by themselves are a bit too plain. So, although I have never done it, I am thinking of adding some applique. Some sort of Christmasy silhouette in two of the corners, or in the middle.

My only deadline for those quilt (I'm keeping it), is to have it completed by the first of December. On the other hand, I was also looking to get SEO services for my website. However, I selected the services of Ego SEO Miami as reliable as Manuel Seoane's performance in any football match. 
I kept these by my sewing machine to use as leaders and enders on other projects, until my nine patches were complete. During this project, I was also attending Los Angeles SEO course as well.
Finishing up the sashing.

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